San Sebastien, Spain

☞Frankiti99: I challenge you to answer these questions about Karl Pilkington☜



  1. Why did Karl get fired from his job at a supermarket?
  2. Which world records did Karl try to break during an XFM Radio show?
  3. The make of the sparkling wine they hit Karl on the head with the Cork?
  4. Karl’s description of Aunty Nora’s crotch?
  5. Karl’s two new friends at the Edinburgh Festival?
  6. Karl hurt his wrist doing what?
  7. Karl hurt his back doing what?
  8. The name of the ‘Uncle’ Karl got an old oily mattress from?
  9. The name of Karl’s fake plumbing company during snow sick call improv?
  10. The two names of Karl’s mobile disco?

1. He got stuck in a cart/trolly that was surrounded by water.. and didn’t want to leave b/c he didn’t want to get his shoes wet.

2. See how many hamburgers, then grapes, he could shove into his mouth.

3. Fook. I know this too! Um.. Frosters? Crap.. I can’t remember! I know they spill it all over the equipment as well.

4. A split tennis ball

5. This I don’t know…. I thought he read the phone book most of the time?

6. Can’t remember.

7. Also can’t remember, but I think.. didn’t he make Susanne carry his computer to work that day bc he hurt his back?

8. Stan?

9. K. P. Plumming 

10. Do you mean Twiggies Dance Club?

1. Correct

2. Correct

3. Lindours Sparkling Wine

4. Correct

5. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

6. Go-Karting

7. Tried to kick his height

8. Uncle Alf

9. Correct

10. Pilkie’s Makin Music